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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered: Intel Location and Cheats Guide

Unlock some sweet bonuses, 2007 style.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare originally released in a more simple time. This was a time when the concept of cheats wasn't so hugely tied up with downloadable content, and thanks to that the game actually features some pretty cool unlockables.

Most of the unlockable content is hidden behind the intel system. There's hidden caches of intel hidden throughout the single-player campaign. As you find more intel, you'll unlock some cool alternative modes and cheats for the game. Here's the level at which you'll unlock the cheats, something that's been preserved from the original release:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Intel Reward Unlocks

  • Found 2 Intel Pieces: COD Noir
    This special mode changes the entire look of the game, making it black and white.
  • Found 4 Intel Pieces: Photo Negative
    This unlock inverts the game's colours, leading to a really trippy look.
  • Found 6 Intel Pieces: Super Contrast
    The game's contrast will be turned up to an extreme level with this unlock on. This can be used in conjunction with some of the other visual tweaks.
  • Found 8 Intel Pieces: Ragtime Warfare
    This mode is sort of a twisted version of the COD Noir skin, adding on top of that a ragtime piano soundtrack and a film grain filter. On top of this, it almost doubles the speed at which the game plays out.
  • Found 10 Intel Pieces: Cluster Bombs
    Every frag grenade you throw will explode once and then split into five more grenades, which as it turns out is pretty deadly.
  • Found 15 Intel Pieces: A Bad Year
    Enemies will explode into a mass of car tires when killed. I don't know either...
  • Found 20 Intel Pieces: Slow Motion Mode
    Turning this unlock on will make it so that a click of the melee button will put on a super slow motion mode, essentially enabling some bullet time shenanigans.
  • Found 30 Intel Pieces: Infinite Ammo
    This one is pretty simple - unlimited ammunition.

    These cheats are all-new for Modern Warfare Remastered and are also unlocked when you pick up Intel:

  • Melon Heads
    Turns the heads of all enemies into watermelons
  • Lemon-nade
    All grenades are turned into, er... lemons.
  • Ragdoll Impact
    The ragdoll effect on dead bodies is exaggerated for comical effect
  • Zakhaev's Sons
    All enemies in the game are turned into... Zakhaev's sons.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Intel Locations

Here's where each piece of intel in the game can be found, ordered by level and with a description of where exactly to find it. The intel always takes the form of an open laptop. Once you've picked intel up, the game immediately saves - there's no need to complete the mission for your collection of it to register and save.

    Crew Expendable (2 Intel)

  • Intel #1 will be found after you head downstairs with your team and find a drunken soldier stumbling about with a drink in hand. After taking care of him, enter the room to his right. There's more soldiers asleep in here. The intel is on a desk to the left of the entrance.
  • Intel #2 is located right after your team use a flashbang grenade to burst into the cargo bay's upper level. When you enter through the door, there's a stairway to your right leading down. Head down - you'll see a bunch of grates where some work was being done on the ship. One metal panel has been removed, and the intel is on top of that panel.

    Black Out (2 Intel)

  • Intel #3 is an easy one. As you start the mission you'll be making your way down a creek. After not very long at all you'll seee a guy standing out on a pier on your left, and up the hill from that piece is a little shack. Head inside the shack - the intel is in there.
  • Intel #4 is found inside the building where the informant is meant to be. The building is dark and you'll be required to use your night vision. Clear out the enemies, but keep an eye out for the terrified enemy wildly blind-firing from behind a door. To the left of that door is a bathroom, and inside there you'll find the intel.

    Charlie Don't Surf (3 Intel)

  • Intel #5 is found near the start of the mission. Your team will enter a safe house and head down some stairs into an area with lots of picnic-style benches underground. When you head out of the door in this room walk straight to the corner in front of you and then turn left. There's a small room here and the intel is inside.
  • Intel #6 is a little off the beaten path. When you reach an area where a truck mounted with a machine gun is firing from a main road down the wide street towards you, turn right. There's a bunch of small houses here, and some of them are open to be entered. You'll want to head up to the second floor, and up here you'll find this intel and a handy weapon drop.
  • Intel #7 is found shortly after the previous piece. Head up and cross over the large street mentioned before. Keep walking down the street. You'll see a ruined blue car on the right-hand side of the street. Right next to this car there's a staircase. Climb it, and up there you'll find this intel.

    The Bog (2 Intel)

  • Intel #8 can be found after climbing the staircase. On the way, you'll be able to save your squadmate by killing an enemy hiding on the stairs. Your team will shortly after blast open a door with a shotgun. The intel is to the immediate left once you enter this door. You might want to turn your night vision off to grab it.
  • Intel #9 is found after you leave the building and use the javelin on the tanks. You'll crouch to get through a broken wire fence. At this point, you want to head forwards and take every possible left turn through these little streets you can. This will bring you in a circular spiral shape to a dead end, but at that dead end hidden behind some boxes is this intel.

    The Hunted (2 Intel)

  • Intel #10 is found in the farm. After escaping from the helicopter your team will take shelter in a farm. In the farm, you'll notice two large, tall and circular silos. Directly in front of you and to the right of those silos coming out of the farmhouse is a blue building. The intel is found inside this building on a table.
  • Intel #11 is found right after you pass through some greenhouses. After the first greenhouse, turn left and head through the second. After exiting the second greenhouse turn left and find a ruined building. Vault the walls to get into this building and walk deep into it; the Intel is on a table among the ruins.

    War Pig (3 Intel)

  • Intel #12 is found right at the start of the level. The tank accompanying you will run over a car, and there's a building in front of you and to the right which has an RPG-using enemy on top of it. Head inside that building through a hole in the corner of it facing you. Head up to the second floor and head into the first room on the left. The intel is in here, but beware lurking enemies.
  • Intel #13 is just over the street from Intel #12. Head into a ruined clothes store. In the far left of the store you'll find stairs; head up there, then through the doorway in front of you as you come up the stairs. The intel is sitting on a bed in a room on the right.
  • Intel #14 is found right after you and your buddies push a dumpster up the street for cover. Follow your guys into the building and upstairs, but when they duck a right through a blown-open wall, carry on straight. The intel is on a bed in the room ahead.

    Shock and Awe (2 Intel)

  • Intel #15 is found after you meet up with your team. You'll enter a building with a green smoke signal on the top of it. On the second floor of the building you'll find your allies shooting at enemies, but ignore all that and head to the far corner of this room - the intel is sitting on the floor.
  • Intel #16 is very close to the previous one. Drop down from that building into the area that's clearly designed for a combat encounter. In the middle of this area there's a two-floored building. Head inside - be careful, as there's enemies - and you'll find the intel inside the closet of the room on the second floor.

    Safehouse (2 Intel)

  • Intel #17 can be found after you get out of the forest. You'll find a building with a large satellite dish outside. Head on inside and up to the second floor. There's three rooms up here, and the intel is found in one of these.
  • Intel #18 is located in the area where you climb a steep hill with enemies firing on you. Keep an eye out for a water tower. The intel is in the room closest to this tower. The intel is located in a booth in the back of this building.

    All Ghillied Up (3 Intel)

  • Intel #19 is found in the abandoned church. You'll be told to snipe the guy up in the belltower; do it. After that, simply climb on up right the way up to the belltower on the ladder - you'll find the intel up there.
  • Intel #20 is found when making your way through the junk yard with all the abandoned shipping containers. As part of the story you take out some enemies stealthily. Before leaving this area on a left-hand path, look for a route through a shipping container to the right. Here you'll find some more guards, and they're guarding your twentieth intel piece.
  • Intel #21 is similarly hidden to #19. Right towards the end of the level you'll be told to snipe a guy up on the fourth floor near a fire escape. Much as with the previous intel, you'll want to snipe him and then head to his location, climbing up to find the intel in a room just behind his corpse.

    One Shot, One Kill (2 Intel)

  • Intel #22 comes as you're escaping from the building. If you turn right as you enter into the open air you'll see a ladder. Drop poor Captain MacMillan and head up this ladder, then the stairs they lead to. The intel is right at the top.
  • Intel #23 is at the very end of the mission in the iconic fun fair area. Waves of enemies are going to come at you, and among those waves will be some soldiers who come out of a previously-locked door of an apartment building on your right. Once these doors are open, dash over there - you'll find this intel inside.

    Sins of the Father (2 Intel)

  • Intel #24 is located in a diner near the start of the level. Head on in - the intel is just sitting on a table in one of the booths inside.
  • Intel #25 is found during the stretch of the mission when you're chasing the target as they run away. You'll pass some dumpsters and then be forced to turn left, and there'll be a building in front of you with red text on it. There's a stairway right in front of you, to the right. Take the stairs up, head inside this building, and take care of any enemies along the way. In the back of this room is the intel.

    Ultimatum (1 Intel)

  • Intel #26 is found near the wide open area after destroying the power tower. There's a big tower visible in the distance. Run to the building in front of and to the right of the large tower. Head in here, turn right, head all the way down, and you'll find this intel sitting in a side room on a table.

    All In (2 Intel)

  • Intel #27 can be found after you encounter the nasty BMP armored vehicle and use smoke to give yourself cover. Stick to the right side of this area. There's a two-story building here, and right in front of it is a right turn that leads down a dead-end alleyway. At the far end of this alleyway, right out of your way, is the intel.
  • Intel #28 can be grabbed in the area where there's all the missile silos. There's a lot of hangars around here. You'll want to use your compass to locate the southernmost silo, and you'll find the intel just sitting on the floor on the right inside.

    No Fighting in the War Room (2 Intel)

  • Intel #29 is right after you leave the showers. As you exit you'll be able to turn left or right; head left. Follow this path around, checking the rooms that are open on your left. After several rooms you'll encounter one with a projector - the intel is on the same table behind him.
  • Intel #30 is hiding away right before the level's climax. After you breach into the control room with explosives you'll want to turn left and run up to the top of the room, then turn right and follow the path around. In a conference room sort of place at the far end here the intel is on the table.

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