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Bungie's Superintendent reappears

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Last night, the Superintendent reappeared on revealing the blurred message, "Keep it clean," followed by a transcript of some sort bearing the words, "Tokyo Rules." You work it out.

Now, for those of you needing a refresher course, the Super' was used a couple of months ago to tease Bungie's next project which was confirmed as a new Halo title. However, this news only came to light after it was announced that Microsoft cancelled a "60 second, knock 'em dead" reveal at this year's E3.

Then, as recent as this week, rumours resurfaced that the game will be in fact announced very soon, possibly within the next seven days even.

Got all that?

So now we're back to square one it seems. Expect the blurry image through the link to become clearer as time passes.

By Mike Bowden

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