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Brink delayed so more time could be spent "balancing and polishing"


Loads of people were disappointed to learn Brink was delayed into 2011,  but according to Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood, it wasn't because the team are a bunch of taunting sadists -  the game just needed more time in the Beta phase.

Speaking with VG247's Nathan Grayson during QuakeCon, Wedgwood said the team wanted to balance and polish the game a bit longer.

"We’re not adding any additional things to it. Essentially, we’re gonna spend longer in the Beta phase," he said. "Because it’s a really ambitious game, and now that people can see what we’ve done with weapons – the number of weapons, the number of weapon modifications, the number of abilities, the number of items and gadgets – they can see the interrelations between those many components sets up some very specific balancing challenges.

"And for Brink, we want to make sure people enjoy playing months after they’ve started playing – or years after they’ve started playing! I think in order for us to achieve that well, we want to have the best possible period of balancing and polishing."

Ya can't argue with that, really.

Catch our full interview with Wedgwood here.

Once fine-tuned, the game will be released next spring on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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