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Borderlands 2 patch addresses "Graveyard" exploit

Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 has been patched, apparently remedying the devastating Graveyard issue.

The title update addresses a hack nicknamed Graveyard, in which players were able to access an incomplete hardcore mode left dormant in the shipped game's code.

Although the mode itself seemed to work well for the hackers, any gamers unfortunate enough to land in a public co-op session with one ran the risk of having their character's progress wiped - and later pass the issue on to other players.

The full patch notes show Gearbox issues the update without pausing to address any other issues, suggesting it treated the matter as of pretty high urgency, given the cost of patch certification.

Borderlands 2 is also available on PC and PlayStation; the Graveyard problem has not been reported on either alternate platform.

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