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Bloodborne combat and movement have influenced those of Dark Souls 3

Bloodborne has changed the way we perceive combat and character movement in the Souls games. Which is why Dark Souls 3 will borrow elements from both mechanics.


Edge magazine got some hands-on time with Dark Souls 3. The magazine's latest issue recounts clear Bloodborne influences in combat and character movement.

The two areas that saw more fluidity are the backstepping and attack animations when using great swords. Backstepping is now faster, according to the magazine.

While great swords can be swung faster in Dark Souls 3, the core combat innovation stems from the new Ready Stance mechanic, which can be entered any time to allow for a new range of attacks.

One of which is a crowd control-type attack called Spin that does exactly what the name suggests. Another move born from the Ready Stance results in a forward swipe using a longsword that breaks enemies' guards.

The shortbow also got a mention, describing it as a way for players to "speedily chip away at an enemy’s health from mid-range while locked on". The longbow will also be available, functioning similarly to the way it does in older Souls games.

Thanks, GamesRadar.

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