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Blizzard updates Battle.Net desktop client page, new images surface

Blizzard seems to be making progress with its scarcely-discussed Battle.Net desktop client, as the studio has updated the app's support page, along with a big batch of debut UI and feature images.

PCGamesN reports that Blizzard's support page has been updated with tips on how to properly uninstall the Battle.Net desktop client.

Meanwhile, MMO Champion has captured a raft of interface, avatar icon and launcher images in a preview of the client, giving us a clearer view of how it will operate.

As you can see below, each game will have its own dedicated launcher page:

There's also a news reel, game-specific update pages, and a lot of user avatars.

We'll have more on the Battle.Net client's progress as it comes, but for now let us know what you think below.

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