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Bleszinski: Gears 2 will be "stronger" without PC

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Speaking to Shacknews, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has said Gears of War will be better off away from PC, with the added focus of keeping the franchise as a console game making it stronger.

"We just believe that collectively we can laser-focus this franchise, keep it on console, and it will be stronger as a result," he said. "I mean it's just plain and simple. It's not that I don't like the PC, but we want to make an Xbox 360 game that kicks ass, plain and simple."

The developer added that straight business sense was a driving factor in the decision to go 360-only with Gears 2.

"We're a business and we're going where the market is," he said. "There's a hundred guys at work, a number of which have wives and kids, and there's a certain amount of responsibility to make sure that they can afford their Pedialyte and their Enfamil.

"And you know, we're a business, and it makes sense for Gears to keep it on the 360 and have Microsoft market the hell out of it and make the best game that we can.

"I'll always love the PC. That's where our roots are, but, you know, companies evolve and their strategies sometimes shift, and that's an unfortunate reality of business."

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