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BioWare details specialization for SWTOR's Smuggler class

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BioWare has updated The Old Republic website with some new screenshots, more on advanced classes, and videos on the Smuggler.

It's all quite neat and below the break.

You like me because I'm a scoundrel. No, I like nice men.

First up, is the update to the holonet which details the advanced Smuggler class. Reading through the information, it looks like some folks may have a hard time deciding between specializing, what with both the Scoundrel and Gunslinger on offer.

The Gunslinger is the "master of the trick shot" and is "the first to dive for cover and willing to take advantage of every opportunity". He wields dual
blasters  and can "shoot out a man's legs to keep him from charging, blind him so he can't get to his weapons, or inflict serious injuries for maximum distraction".

On the other end, is the Scoundrel. Think Han Solo when you consider this specialization, because that's what he was. The Scoundrel doesn't have time for "politeness or a fair fight", and tends to always shoot first and ask questions later.  In addition his blaster, the Scoundrel also has a stealth belt, a scattergun and a med pack to keep him in the battle.

Should you choose to go the non-human route for Smuggler, there's always the humanoid Twi'lek, which is pictured in the shots below.

I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee.

What would a Smuggler be without a companion, though? Luckily, you don't have to warp through space without one, because BioWare has you covered with Bowdaar.

This Wookiee is a gladiator from the arenas on the moon Nar Shaddaa, also known as the Smuggler's Moon. He can be used as a tank or crowd control, much like pets in other MMOs are, and he often fights without the added benefit of armor or weapons.

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts

As far as ships go, the preferred way Smugglers travel through space is the Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter, which is one of the "fastest and most nimble" ships in the galaxy.

It has an enlarged cargo hold, secret compartments, standard laser and torpedo batteries, upper and lower turrets  which can be controlled manually or remotely from the cockpit, and living quarters such as a recreational lounge and extra sleeping quarters.

Check out the video and the screens below to get a better idea of the Smuggler and his ship, and his smelly Wookiee pal.

SWTOR is slated for spring 2011 on PC.


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