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BioWare denies making Mass Effect 360 exclusivity claim

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BioWare's issued a statement denying it said it intended to keep the Mass Effect trilogy as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

"This site is incorrect," said a rep for the developer, referring to XboxOz360, who in turn was quoting an Australian Xbox 360 magazine who'd published a remark made by BioWare boss Ray Muzyka made in London three months ago.

"Ray did not make any such statement regarding any exclusivity plans for the Mass Effect trilogy."

And the rep was right. He didn't. The quote actually says, "We said we were committed to supporting Mass Effect as a franchise and have the trilogy on the Xbox 360."

Muzyka doesn't mention exclusivity in any way. At all. Which is why we didn't report it yesterday.

Glad that's cleared up, then.

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