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Bethesda not interested in social, mobile, has nothing in development for Nintendo platforms

Bethesda VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines has said the company "knows what it's good at," and if that means staying out of the social and XBL and PSN space, or not releasing a game on Nintendo platforms, then so be it.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hines said it's not that the firm isn't interested in those spaces, it just has to be the "right" project and "feel right" to begin with - not just pushing something out because everyone else is doing it.

"We have nothing announced in development for Wii U," he said. "It's not something that we've done anything for previously. I don't even remember the last time we've done a Nintendo title. We don't have anything now. Whether or not we would in the future is TBD. As for why, I guess I'd rather not go into that.

"A while ago it was social games that were all the rage and [people were asking] 'why aren't we doing Facebook?' That's not what we do, and now that's no longer a big deal. So we didn't run after it and now we're not running away from it. We're just going to kind of stick to what we feel is best.

"We don't have Facebook stuff. We don't have mobile stuff. We feel like we really know who we are and we know what we're good at. That's not to say that we wouldn't do an iPhone game or an XBLA thing, but it would have to be at a certain time where it would feel right coming from us. If we're not going to do that, then we're just not going to bother.

"Those are cool markets and people are doing really well [in it], but that's just not what we do. And that's not to say we're not branching out. We started a new studio out in Austin led by Rich Vogel called Battlecry, which is working on a free-to-play title, so we're clearly not 'oh, it only needs to be premium priced triple-A stuff on a disc.'

"We have other stuff in the works."

Hines also reiterates the firm wasn't too pleased with "where Prey 2 was" in terms of it's development, but didn't elaborate any further than he had previously.

You can read the full interview through the link.

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