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Bethesda looking to support future releases with additional "mobile and tablet" content

Bethesda plans to support future releases with additional content on mobiles and tablets, according to Skyrim's lead artist, Matt Carafano.

Speaking to CVG, Carafano said the studio's also looking forward to the possibilities next-gen consoles will bring for games such as Skyrim.

"I can see a lot of games are using smartphones and tablets to add to the content of the game and maybe that is something we'll look into in the future," he said in a video interview at E3, which you can view below.

"With game's like Skyrim we try to make them as huge as possible, we add every feature we can think of and put it in the game, so next generation consoles, that's just going to let us do all the more stuff."

He also disclosed that Skyrim's success came as a surprise for the team.

"Skyrim was a huge surprise for all of us on the team, it's done incredibly well," Carafano said. "We have amazing fans and they've just really gotten behind this game with the modding community and everything, it has been unbelievable.

"With Skyrim we created a whole new engine and we were able to rewrite everything, so it's very different to our previous game Fallout 3. We've had just an amazing time with the current generation of consoles, we've really gotten a lot out of them and we're really happy with how Skyrim turned out."

Skyrim shipped ten million units within a month of its release, and it's first expansion pack, Dawnguard, allow's players to choose between playing as a vampire or vampire hunter. It releases as a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 for 30 days on June 26. It will run you 1600 MSP.

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