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Bethesda boss teases new reveals soon

Bethesda vice president Pete Hines has hinted we won't have long to wait to hear more about the publisher's upcoming releases.

"I think you'll hear us making considerably more noise this year than we did last year, as a publisher," Hines told OXM.

"Obviously the Elder Scrolls Online is out and we've got the Dishonored DLC, but we will be announcing new stuff and making some noise, and I think when we get the chance to show you guys what we're up to, that you'll sit up and take notice."

Naturally, the savvy executive wouldn't be drawn into upsetting Bethesda's no doubt carefully laid marketing and PR plans by giving details, but he did take the chance to hype up these mysterious new projects.

"I think we're continuing to do the stuff that we get excited about, and people will get really excited about when they hear what we're up to, which is continuing to push the boundaries, reinvent - find really smart, passionate teams who know what they're doing and have an idea that they really want to do and do well," he said.

"So who that is, and what they're doing is to TBD but, when I'm next in London to do this, hopefully we'll be able to talk more and gauge your reaction."

A couple of years ago Bethesda's release schedule seemed fit to bursting, with a new game turning up almost twice yearly, but the publisher seems to have applied the brakes (and the muffler) a little as we approach the console transition. That said, there's still plenty so speculate on its catalogue.

It certainly seems too early for a new Elder Scrolls game - especially given the imminent MMO The Elder Scrolls Online.

Fans have been expecting a new Fallout game - possibly even an MMO - for quite some time.

Although it can't be called a new reveal, we're still waiting on word of Prey 2; Doom 4 is still on the go, if on the backburner; and there's been some talk of a Dishonored sequel. Rage 2, not so much.

In terms of new IP, Bethesda signed on to publish the first game from Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks, which is a survival horror codenamed Project Zwei; one piece of art is pretty much the extent of our knowledge in that area.

Like practically everyone else, Bethesda was spotted making hires for next-generation platforms.

Thanks, Ausgamers.

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