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'Battlefield 3 support after DLC ends depends on fans' - DICE

Battlefield 3 developer DICE is churning its way through each of its five DLC packs. The studio is now up to its third expansion Armored Kill, with Aftermath and Endgame to follow. Where the studio goes after that depends on you, the gamer.

Speaking with AusGamers, DICE Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus explained that although Battlefield 4 is on the way, support for Battlefield 3 will continue depending on fan activity.

"Well, when we get to Aftermath in December," Fegraeus explained, "we have End Game coming in March, and that is the five announced DLCs that we have. And whatever happens after that, the future will tell."

When asked if DICE eventually wants to just wrap up Battlefield 3 to switch its focus on Battlefield 4, Fegraeus said, "Oh, it’s something we just have to see. We will support the players wherever they will go, that’s kind of the commitment that we make, and wherever that is, that’s where it is. And we just stick to that, and make sure that we support it all too."

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is out September 4 to all PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3: Premium members. Xbox 360 and PC Premium subscribers can expect it a week later.

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