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Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod team working on full game

One of the best Battlefield 2 mods brought together a talented team, now working on their own game.


Battlefield 2 fans speak highly of Project Reality, a mod designed to make the military shooter more like a simulation.

Several of the team behind this mod have come together under the name Offworld Industries to develop Squad, an online multiplayer shooter with support for teams of up to 50 players. Players are encouraged to work together to build bases, establish and protect supply lines, and leverage environments, making use of command and management tools to highlight the importance of good leadership of nine-man squads. Every player will have an important part to play in the combined arms scenarios, with a kit-based role system putting an emphasis on how well players adapt to each role rather than superior equipment and lone wolf heroism.

The project has been in development for at least a year, in collaboration with current and former military personnel. Maps are based on real locations, and include smaller, more focused environments for matches with fewer players. A robust physics engine aims for realism, and modern real world factions composed of regular and irregular forces lend even more authenticity.

We're really only scraping the surface of the planned feature base. You can show support for the project an learn more on Steam Greenlight.

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