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Battleborn players launched over 922 billion Fury Potatoes in the beta

Over 2 million people played the Battleborn open beta, and some interesting stats have come out of the tester.

According to the infographic below, S1 Sentry Unit named Geoff worked hard to become a spider approximately 1.7 million times; 825,000 Varelsi Portals were voided; and the community completed three challenges which unlocked Gold Skins.

There were 57 billion life points healed, and the funnest stat has to be the 922,455,000,000 Fury Potatoes launched.

You can look over some of the other stats in the infographic below.

The Battleborn beta kicked off earlier this month first on PlayStation 4 before flinging the doors wide for PC and Xbox One users.

It releases on the aforementioned platforms May 3.


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