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Battle Dungeon: multiplayer fantasy battler announced for iOS

Battle Dungeon has been announced for iOS. It's a hardcore, turn-based fantasy battle game that sees players fighting for victory in a grid format. You can rally a party of archers, warriors and mages to hold the line and help you crush opponents. Get all the details below.

The game - developed by Hunted Cow - gives players the option of recruiting 30 part members, each with their own XP paths, skill trees and abilities. There are also hundreds of items geared towards giving you an edge in battle.

Think Disgaea without the sexual innuendo or constant shouting and you're on the right track. You can take your customised party to the field and battle other players online in ranked or friendly mode, or take on bots to hone your skills.

For more screens, artwork, details and dev diaries, check out the Battle Dungeon site.

Here's a quartet of screens:

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