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Batman: Arkham Knight villain's origin to be revealed in a comic - but there's a catch

The mysterious new character, the Arkham Knight, will have his origin revealed in a new comic book acting as a prequel to Batman: Arkham Knight. Except there's one catch.


Batman: Arkham Knight - Genesis is another comic book that will feature the universe of Batman: Arkham Knight. The new six-issue book is written by Pete Tomasi, the same writer behind the currently-running Batman: Arkham Knight comic.

There's just one small problem here: the book is due July 29, while the game is pegged for June 23 release. So we're either looking at yet another possible delay for the game, or the comic book will expand on the game's story.

June is not that far off, so we should find out soon if the game is getting delayed again.

Thanks, IGN.

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