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Batman: Arkham Knight on the Epic Games Store no longer uses Denuvo DRM

Batman: Arkham Knight's disastrous PC launch was a long time ago, and years later some of the old wounds have started to heal.

You might remember the debacle that was Batman: Arkham Knight's PC release, which saw the game rendered unplayable for many. Extensive patches back in 2015 came and went, often with less than stellar results. The game was ultimately pulled from Steam for a long time, but never quite measured up against the console release.

The Denuvo DRM included with the game was often cited as one of the issues with the game's PC port, but now, if you're picking the game up on the Epic Games Store while it's free, you won't have to contend with that.

As noted by DSO Gaming, the anti-tamper tech has been removed from this version of Arkham Knight, as well as the Steam release of Conan Unconquered.

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As the video above from NeonGaming shows, the non-Denuvo version has faster load times and a few other benefits, which is certainly nice. It makes sense to remove the anti-tampering technology from a game that currently costs absolutely nothing, and it's nice to see that there are some benefits.

Batman: Arkham Knight is also currently included in this month's pair of PS Plus games, although the console version never had the same problems as the game did on PC.

Happy Batman Day, folks.

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