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The Batman: Arkham Knight gun to end all guns

Batman doesn't always use guns, but when he does, it's to stop everyone else from using them.


One of the gadgets that was briefly shown in the most recent Batman: Arkham Knight trailer has been detailed by developer Rocksteady today.

The gadget is a new rifle called "The Disruptor" and it's used by Batman to jam enemy weapons. The rifle houses three charges per engagement.

Other capabilities include:

  • Exploding enemy weapons (by using two charges on the same weapon)
  • Rigging weapon crates to shock enemies who try to arm themselves
  • Tagging vehicles with tracking devices for Batmobile pursuits

The purpose of the tool is provide the player with better control over how engagements play out, which helps in Predator mode as well, according to the developer.

"The Disruptor has an extensive selection of upgrades to choose from – each providing their own unique advantage to Batman. For example, the ‘additional charge’ upgrade provides more simultaneous options for each engagement, allowing additional greater situational control over the devices and weapons that could become an obstacle," reads the blog post.

later on, an upgrade will become available that allows Batman to disrupt Arkham Knight's drone turrets.

Arkham Knight is out in June.

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