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Bangai-O hitting XBLA in HD this autumn


That's a headline we never thought we'd write.

D3 just announced the unthinkable: an HD version of handheld Treasure classic Bangai-O, Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury, is to release on XBLA this autumn.

The "shooter" - you have to have played it to understand the quote marks - will ship replete with more than 100 levels in its new form, and includes a Level Editor Tool.

Not only will you be able to build levels, but you'll be able to share them with friends.

It's to cost 800MSP. This is an essential purchase. Your soon-to-be burnt eyes agree.

A multi-directional missile shooter, Bangai-O was originally released for N64 in Japan with a run of only 10,000 unit. This version came to Dreamcast soon after and was released worldwide.

In 2008, a sequel, Bangai-O Spirits was released for DS.

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