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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition releases on Mac, iOS, PC September 18

The countdown clock on the Baldur's Gate website has ended, announcing that the Enhanced Edition will be released on September 18 for Mac and iOS.

The Android version release date is still TBD.

It will come with a new character called Neera, who is a half-elf wild mage just discovering her potential for magic. The character will be part of a new "engaging romantic adventure" in a new area which will provide up to four hours of extra gameplay to the original game.

Other new characters include Dorn Il-Khan, and Rasaad yn Bashir; while a new adventure called The Black Pits allows you to create a full party and battle through fifteen battles in a bid to escape the Underdark.

Pre-orders for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition are being accepted on the official site for $17.99. Upon release it will run you $19.99 if you don't pre-order.

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