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AVSEQ releases with "2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations"

Start-up Big Robot's released its first game, musical puzzler AVSEQ for PC and Mac. There's a demo, too.

AVSEQ, which costs only $5, is the initial release from Jim Rossignol's indie developer Big Robot; Jim's better known as one of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun founders.

"AVSEQ is short for 'audio-visual sequencer,'" Rossignol said today. "You play a fast-paced atom-linking game and unlock music and visuals from a sequencer that underlies it. It's based on an original design by our programmer Tom Betts, who - because he is both artist and programmer - initially installed it on a giant screen in a gallery.

"We've made a full commercial version with a load of levels and lots of different music. Because the music unlocking is random each playthrough of the levels unlocks different musical loops, and there's 2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations. Thats 22 tredecillion in total. That's an actual number. We looked it up."

Rossignol insists he has "no real expectations" for the game, "but I am a little nervous. Tom, whose was behind the original design and the programming, is far more nervous than me. I hope it'll be our first step on to great things. We already, somehow, have two other projects lined up - one for Channel 4 and another, yet to be properly announced, which we will release later this year."

Go here. Try the demo if you like. Buy it anyway.

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