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AU News Wrap, September 30 - What happened today

Positive changes posited for Australian games classifications and a delightful package in the mail - it was a good day.

The big news for Australians today is a discussion paper released by the Law Reform Commission. This paper represents the beginning of the end of more than a decade of activism by consumers and industry figures to give adult gamers access to grown-up stories while keeping strong content away from minors. There's light at the end of the tunnel!

However, on a more personal note, a promo copy of Dark Souls arrived for me. It's not just a freebie - I do reviews on the side so I can buy myself pretty things, and I lucked out with a last minute commission. I've paid for a retail copy from the UK, so I can get all the goodies, but in the meantime, I can play right away, a few days before the rest of the world, and that makes me very, very happy.


To that end, today's header image is from Demon's Souls, one of my favourite games. You know, it's not actually that hard - it's like a puzzle game. You've got to find the solution to the problem in front of you, that's all.That solution is never "charge".

Stay tuned for Pat's Bulletcast, summing up the past 24 hours, or if you want to see absolutely everything, check out the US and European wraps. Now, your headlines:

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