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ArenaNet updates Guild Wars 2 beta client with 10,000 files ahead of launch

ArenaNet has updated the Guild Wars 2 beta client with close to 10,000 files added or changed. Additions include a FPS counter, updated maps, and an update to PvP arenas Raid of the Capricorn and Legacy of the Foefire, and the PvE area Sorror’s Ambrace. An unknown area which could possibly be the Hall of Memories or an extension of Orr was also added. The last beta test was held weekend before last, and as PCgamesN notes, it's not likely another test will roll out unless its a short stress test; likely, it's so players will have less to download when the game launches at the end of August. It makes sense, as it would also reduce the load on the game servers at launch. We'll keep an eye on this for you just in case. Via Reddit.

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