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Apocalypse Now writer John Milius to pen Homefront plot


Apocalypse Now writer and Conan the Barbarian director John Milius will compose the story for Kaos Studios FPS Homefront, THQ said today.

The game's single-player story takes place ten years after economic collapse in the US, where the American Civilian Resistance is battling it out against an "oppressive North Korean occupation".

"Homefront isn't about going to war on the other side of the world or battling aliens from another planet; it's about fighting foreign invaders in your own backyard and defending your right to live," said David Votypka, design director at Kaos Studios.

Multiplayer's included as well. THQ will debut the game at E3 next week.

It's slated for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, with a release yet to be announced soon.

Via Gamasutra.

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