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Anonymous on Sony attacks: "We’re here for the long haul"

After releasing a video yesterday issuing a warning against Sony, hacktivist group Anonymous has said that the worst has yet to come in its attacks against the company and PlayStation as revenge for ongoing legal action against PS3 hackers.

The group told PlayStation Lifestyle that it had "big surprises" yet to come, although wouldn't say what they were.

"So far, all Sony has seen from us is poking and prodding," it said to the site.

"A simple salute to let them know we’re coming. Make no mistake, what you saw today and thought to be frustration is merely preparation for what’s to come. We said, expect us. Counting us out would be a mistake."

It went on to add that customers affected were "collateral damage," but were not part of the main aim.

"The consumers in this are as one might call, collateral damage. We are very cognisant of the fact that we are not making friends nor allies among the average consumer with our attack. This is unfortunate as a concern should always be, will the very people we seek to support not see what it is we are trying to achieve.

"In this case, many don’t. There has been a lot of hate spread throughout the internet and over forums that we are being reckless and simply punishing consumers more than Sony."

It added: "To the consumers I would say: before you judge us, take the time to understand us."

Anonymous signaled its intent against Sony earlier this week, with PSN suffering "sporadic maintenance" on Monday, which suggested it was somehow involved in creating the downtime.

The attacks are reprisals for ongoing legal action against George “Geohot” Hotz, who revealed PS3′s main serial key earlier this year, as well as another hacker known as Graf_Chokolo.

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