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Analyst predicts 4% increase in September sales

In a time of sinking sales across nearly all industries, it's encouraging and surprising to see analysts like Michael Pachter start talking about year-over-year sales increases instead of decreases.
Granted, September isn't exactly the best example. The four per cent is mostly accounted for by a strong showing from Epic's Gears of War 3, and the analyst also lists a late August release of Madden 12 in the US as contributing to the increase. Not to mention a better-than-ever showing from FIFA 12. All of which could have helped to skew the numbers a bit.

October is also predicted to see gains over last year due to a plethora of high-profile cross-platform games like Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and even Dark Souls which is making a surprising showing on best-seller lists around the world.

Thanks, Gamasutra!

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