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AMD doesn't expect problems meeting demand for PS4 and Xbox One components

AMD is very proud to be supplying the semi-custom AMD Jaguar system-on-a-chips at the heart of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and doesn't expect to have any issues meeting demand.

"From a manufacturing perspective, in a year we ship tens of millions of units," corporate vice president Saeid Moshkelani told GamesIndustry.

"So we have a very strong manufacturing base for our APUs and discrete graphics. We leverage the same manufacturing infrastructure to develop for game consoles. So the volumes were not something that actually raised an eyebrow for us, because we're already in high-volume manufacturing."

The question arose due to concerns that there won't be enough consoles to meet demand at release, a problem which certainly plagued the PlayStation 3 in its launch window and which both manufacturers need to account for.

AMD also supplied part of the Wii U's innards, and Moshkelani said the company is conscious of and aiming for this homogeny.

"One of our goals is to be the dominant player in game consoles, handheld, and cloud gaming," he said.

"The semi-custom initiative is not just about gaming. But gaming is our DNA. It's not just this generation of consoles. We had a clean sweep with this generation, but we were in Xbox 360 and Gamecube. Gaming has always been a part of our business. We want to be the dominant player in gaming SoCs."

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