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Amazon US launches dedicated PC & Mac indie store, sale now on

Amazon US has opened a new storefront dedicated entirely to PC & Mac indie games. The hub features chat with developers, product information and general insight into the independent scene.

The Amazon indie store can be found here. It's a positive step for the retailer and what's more, some bundles will see 100% of proceeds going back to the developer, with Amazon giving up its usual cut.

Games like Bit.Trip Runner, Castle Crashers and Mutant Mudds are rolling on the top banner right now, and there's also an interview with Gaijin Games. You can also partake in some store launch deals that offer up to 75% off games like Super Meat Boy and more.

What do you make of the Amazon indie store? Is it a good step for the scene? Let us know below.

Thanks PCGamesN.

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