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All Take-Two games "need to have a download component," says Feder


During the Take-Two Q3 2009 financial call tonight, company CEO Ben Feder told investors that while retail is important, downloadable content is a main component to the company's game releases.

"It's clear that retail is the channel for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, there is a download component to a lot of our games, and there'll continue to be a download component," said Feder. "The games live online and they live at retail: they live at both. Whether that's download first, retail second, or retail first download second, or some combination of the two, that's an area that we're going to experiment with because we're innovating in that area.

"And it's likely to change from title to title, but everything is going to have a download component, needs to have a download component. It's one of the key lessons [of The Lost and Damned]. We'll see how GTA in the retail SKU performs; we're actually pretty optimistic about it."

What that means is that all Take-Two games will have downloadable content of sorts from here on out. Granted this has been said before by the company, still, it's nice to hear.

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