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Aliens: Colonial Marines Xbox 360 patched, PC and PS3 to follow

Gearbox Software has issued an update for Aliens: Colonial Marines, packed to the brim with bug fixes.

The patch is out for Xbox 360 players, and Gearbox's Twitter said PC and PlayStation 3 versions are "on the way".

Full patch notes are available on the Gearbox forum, but the latest update applies a number of important fixes to the Xbox 360 version of the shooter.

In the campaign co-operative mode, Gearbox believes it has fixed the unreliable revive and spawn problems. It's plugged up gaps in the maps players could walk through, and squashed an exploit which made marines invincible.

The ever-burning flamethrower has been extinguished, and achievements should unlock correctly now. NPCs should be better at navigation, and One Bullet has been tweaked so, uh, you don't have access to more bullets than that.

Also, a new Xeno appearance customization has been added to Versus mode.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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