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Aliens Colonial Marines still alive, Gearbox provides visual evidence


Gearbox may have jump-started Duke Nukem's long-stalled engine this weekend, but that doesn't mean the developer's not familiar with Duke Nukem Forever-style stalling shenanigans itself. Aliens Colonial Marines, however, is still alive and kicking, and during its PAX panel, Gearbox gave the audience a quick glimpse at how things are coming along.

Kotaku snapped a few pictures of the new screenshots during the presentation. Obviously, they're not perfect, but a lopsided picture of a screenshot's still better than no screenshot at all.

Click through the link to see them all, and then wonder why Colonial Marines don't choose to hang out in better lighted locations. Come on! You're a marine. It is dark. Mathematically speaking, there's a 99 percent probability a wormy, slobbering alien is right behind you this very second. How are you guys not getting this?

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