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Aliens: Colonial Marines gets 4GB PC update with improved textures

Gearbox Software has released a whopping patch for the PC Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines, adding a visual upgrade among other fixes.

The update bundles together a number of changes from a recent console patch, as well as a bunch which will make their way to consoles later on.

On the PC-specific side, keep an eye out for "improved texture resolution" and "various visual improvements" as well as a mouse smoothing option.

The update is rolling out now on Steam, but Gearbox notes that at 4GB, not every user is going to want it right now; you may wish to disable auto-updates for the moment.

Full patch notes are available on the Gearbox forums.

Aliens: Colonial marines released in February and took a critical savaging, particularly with regards to its bugs and visuals, so you may want to revisit it after this latest hefty update.

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