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Don't worry, the upcoming Alien prequel series is ignoring Prometheus too

Music to my ears.

Good news, everyone: Noah Hawley, showrunner of the upcoming Alien prequel series, has no plans to acknowledge Prometheus in the show.

Prometheus, as a whole, was just a bit of a silly film; it took away too much mystery from the original Alien, and structurally just revisited already well trodden ground. Alien fans would all just prefer to ignore it, and in a recent interview with KCRW's The Business podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter), Hawley essentially said he intends to do the same. "For me, and for a lot of people, this 'perfect life form' - as it was described in the first film - is the product of millions of years of evolution that created this creature that may have existed for a million years out there in space," Hawley said.

"The idea that, on some level, it was a bioweapon created half an hour ago, that's just inherently less useful to me. In terms of the mythology, what's scary about this monster, is that when you look at those first two movies, you have this retro-futuristic technology. You have giant computer monitors, these weird keyboards… You have to make a choice. Am I doing that?

"Because in the prequels, Ridley made the technology thousands of years more advanced than the technology of Alien, which is supposed to take place in those movies' future. There's something about that that doesn't really compute for me. I prefer the retro-futurism of the first two films. And so that's the choice I've made - there's no holograms. The convenience of that beautiful Apple store technology is not available to me."

Hawley's currently untitled Alien series is set to film sometime early this year, but an exact release date hasn't been confirmed just yet. It's set to star Sydney Chandler (Don't Worry Darling) in the lead role as Wendy, and is joined by actors like Timothy Olyphant, Alex Lawther (Andor) as a soldier named CJ, Samuel Blenkin (Black Mirror) as Boy Kavalier, a CEO, Essie Davis (The Babadook) as Dame Silvia, Adarsh Gourav (The White Tiger) as Slightly and Kit Young (Shadow and Bone) as Tootles.

Alien fans can also look forward to a new film in the series, as 20th Century Studios is also developing Alien: Romulus, which is between the events of Alien and 1986's Aliens, due out August 16 next year.

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