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Activision promises to support Wii U in future

Activision publishing boss Eric Hirshberg has confirmed that the company is going to support Nintendo's upcoming home console Wii U, but said it's in no hurry to announce anything.

Speaking to GI.Biz, Hirshberg said that it's always interesting to work with new platforms.

"We take our time to get our ducks in a row before pulling any trigger. We don't have announcements today but we will be supporting Wii U," he said.

"I think it's interesting to think about all the platforms. Just in general, that's part of my job as a studio head, working with Activision on assessing where our creative can live. How can people experience it? We obviously have been a Nintendo developer for many years and have created many Call of Duty games on the Nintendo platform. [Wii U] is clearly a more powerful platform than its predecessor and... they have obviously a unique controller and interface."

Hirshberg seemed pleased with Nintendo's announcement of the new Wii U Pro controller.

"They announced a Pro Controller which appears to be a controller that would be really good for first-person shooter games. It just so happens that's what we specialize in. So that's an interesting development and then they have that touch display device and you think about the kinds of things you might be able to do and - without getting into specifics - I absolutely have given it consideration and thought. We're game developers and it's a new piece of hardware and technology, so we're always thinking about that stuff."

Nintendo Power outed a Wii U version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 yesterday, although there has been no official announcement yet.

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