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7 ways The Last of Us Part 2 improves upon the original game

Wondering what Naughty Dog has actually improved in The Last of Us Part 2? Join us as we talk through seven of those improvements, because seven is the magic YouTube number for list features.

In the video we chat about how the analogue stealth changes the game up, not only because you can now go prone, but also how that filters out into the level design, leading to more naturalistic environments and less obvious combat arenas.

We also chat about the hub area, dogs, three-way conflicts, and that time we killed a man and his friend called out his name. Here’s the video for your visual enjoyment (please forgive my voice and enjoy Alice's).

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When you’re done with that, check out our review of The Last of Us Part 2. We also have a guide for all the safe combinations, and one for all the card collectibles. Keep an eye on VG247 for more The Last of Us Part 2 content over the coming weeks.

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