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3DS firmware update brings new StreetPass games

Update your 3DS system software to access a new Mii Plaza shop vending StreetPass games.

Tiny Cartridge reports the new firmware - v6.0.0-11 - allows backups of downloaded games, although not all titles are supported.

It also adds a new shop to the Mii Plaza with the following items for sale:

  • StreetPass Squad
  • StreetPass Garden
  • StreetPass Battle
  • StreetPass Mansion

Each game costs €5, or you can grab all four in a bundle for €15 - 25% off.

The new shop has only been noted in Europe so far, but players can reportedly unlock Mii hats and outfits in the new games.

Nintendo is soon to update StreetPass with functionality allowing users to trade data remotely via WiFi hotspots.

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