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3DS eShop will not feature "3DSware", video player inbound

The 3DS's media player is said to be not far behind tomorrow's much-anticipated 3DS eShop update, but until it does turn up, don't call it "3DSware".

Cubed3D reports an Official Nintendo Magazine comment to the effect that a media player for the system is due "soon".

The upcoming 3DS firmware update will add in support for the 3DS eShop and an Internet browser, but the media player - which will feature content from partners like Sky and Eurosport - is not included.

Meanwhile, GoNintendo had an interetsing snippet from a Nintendo spokesperson, which suggests "3DSware" is not a Thing.

Downloadable apps and games for the 3DS do not yet have an official name, and the representative isn't certain the 3DS will follow the Wii and DSi trend of tacking "ware" on the end of the console name.

Well, it doesn't roll off the tongue, does it - and Nintendo would do well to distance the 3DS's digital distribution from its self-confessed failure on both older consoles.

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