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Heroes of Ruins sales not strong enough to secure sequel

3DS dungeon crawler Heroes of Ruin seems to have sunk away quietly, with N-Space confirming a follow up isn't on the cards.

Speaking with Super Phillip Central, N-Space co-founder Dan O’Leary said the developer isn't happy with the action RPG's performance.

“We’re not satisfied with the sales," he said.

"The 3DS attach rate is challenging at best and it seems that, for all its promise, Heroes of Ruin did not appeal to enough of the installed base.”

Heroes of Ruin didn't generate much hype despite sporting a number of ineteresting features; it had co-op play, multiple classes and an appealing action bent. N-Space is proud of the game but realistic about its chances.

“I am super pleased with what we made and would love to return to the genre one day, but I fear that Heroes did not have enough commercial impact to justify a sequel," O'Leary added.

Heroes of Ruins is a 3DS exclusive published by Square Enix over summer.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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