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2K Marin staff working on second major project

XCOM isn't enough for the team at 2K Marin; the busy little bees are cooking up a brand new IP.

Superannuation turned up a reference to the enigmatic project on the resume of 2K Marin co-founder Hogarth de la Plante.

The unannounced title, for which de la Plante serves as art director, is listed higher than his role as management and technical consultant for XCOM, 2K Marin's publicly acknowledged project.

The two projects seems to have been in simultaneous development for some time, and the new title has apparently gone into pre-production.

De la Plante seems to be a key creative figure in the project, making mention of his efforts at "inventing a new IP, pitching it to publishing and generating pre-production creative materials with our director team".

De la Plante's past roles included level architect on BioShock and lead environment artist on BioShock 2.

2K Marin has headquarters in the US and Australia, and prior to working on XCOM, served as something of an Irrational Games off-shoot. XCOM is expected on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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