Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 Wolverine Skin Challenges

By Lauren Aitken, Thursday, 27 August 2020 11:02 GMT

You’ll be chasing the Wolverine skin if you own the Battle Pass for Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4, but first, you’ll need to complete a series of weekly challenges.

Much like the Aquaman Challenges, you’ll need to complete various activities to unlock the two version of the shiny new Wolverine skin, sprays and more.

It’ll take a few weeks to complete and there will be a final, special step to unlock an alternative version of the Wolverine skin, so check back over the next few weeks for guides on how to do it.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 4 Wolverine Skin Challenges

Wolverine challenge: Week 1 – Investigate mysterious claw marks

Wolverine has been on the prowl and for this first challenge, you’ll need to find three claw marks. They can all be found within Weeping Woods, making this first step nice and easy.

  • The first set of claw marks can be found on a stone on a hill in the South of the area.
  • The second can be found on a toilet door in the caravan park to the Northeast.
  • The final set of claw marks can be found on the green caravan near the toilets.

Find all three to complete the challenge.

Wolverine challenge: Week 2 – Find the Loading Screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site

For this next challenge, land at a Quinjet Patrol Site and look for the loading screen inside one of them.

You can search the image once you’ve found it to complete the challenge.

Wolverine challenge: Week 3 – Find Wolverine’s trophy at Dirty Docks

You can find his Trophy at one of the warehouses in the centre of Dirty Docks, which is conveniently full of trophies.

Wolverine challenge: Week 4 – Launch off all sentinel hands without touching the ground.

For the Week 4 challenge, you’ll need to visit the Sentinel Graveyard and use the launchers on each hand to throw yourself back in the air. The trick here is to land on the next Sentinel’s hand without touching the ground, or you’ll need to start again.

And that’s it! You can find our guide for how to eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol landing sites and all the map changes so far.

You can also check out the Thor and She-Hulk Awakening challenges here.

Here’s where you can find the Black Panther memorial at Panther’s Prowl and where to ride a motorboat under different coloured steel bridges.

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