Red Dead Redemption 2: All 20 Dreamcatcher locations and Ancient Arrowhead treasure

By Lauren Aitken
1 November 2019 12:41 GMT

There are loads of things to do in Red Dead Redemption 2, including a nifty little side quest to find some Dreamcatchers. Even hardened outlaws need a diversion sometimes, and there’s a unique treasure waiting for dedicated collectors.

There are 20 Dreamcatchers to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2 as part of the Dreamcatchers questline. If you manage to find them all you’ll be rewarded with the Ancient Arrowhead treasure, and we know how much you guys like special loot.

The Dreamcatchers can be found all around the map and the guys at Arekkz Gaming have made this handy video guide to help you out further.

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Some of them are quite large and easy to spot whereas some are a little trickier to see. The time of day will also affect their visibility. Most of them seem to be on trees that stand out from the others, either by being much larger or looking pretty dead.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Dreamcatcher locations

Here are the locations of the first 10 Dreamcatchers to get you started:

  • The first Dreamcatcher can be found just Northwest of Latneck Station, across from the Dakota River. It is quite large and is hanging from a tree.
  • The next is very slight Southwest of Caliban’s Seat. Run over to this collection of trees to find it.

  • For this Dreamcatcher, set a marker on your map just below the first “E” near the town of Valentine, just off the dirt track. There’s a large tree with a stump in front of it that has the third more colourful Dreamcatcher hanging from its branches.

  • The fourth Dreamcatcher can be found near The Grizzles and is more difficult to find. Set a waypoint just below the S in “West”, Northeast of Cattail Pond. Head up into the mountains until you reach a clearing. On a dead-looking tree, you’ll find the fourth Dreamcatcher.

  • This next Dreamcatcher is North of the Dakota River, Southwest of Window Rock. Set a waypoint just off the beaten track. There should be a fallen tree to your left, so go a little further up the hill and on your left will be a tree with a Dreamcatcher hanging from it.

  • Now, set a waypoints marker roughly in-between Cotorra Springs and Bacchus Bridge to find this next Dreamcatcher. There will be a clearing with lots of skinny trees and one much larger tree where you’ll find it hanging from the branches.

  • Head over to the East of the map near the location labelled The Loft, which is to the Northeast of the Grizzlies East map point. Just in front of this structure is another dead looking tree with a Dreamcatcher hanging from it.

  • This time, set a waypoint on the just above the road between Annesburg and Roanoke Valley. Again, head into the trees to spot this fairly obvious Dreamcatcher.

  • Our next location is just Southwest of where you previously were, roughly between the “N” and the “E” of Annesburg on the map. Head to the point where the road splits and there will be a Dreamcatcher hanging from the tree to your left.

  • Dreamcatcher number 10 can be found Southeast of the previous location, near the road between the “U” and the “R” of Annesburg on the map. Head up the hill and watch out for wolves when trying to interact with this one!

You’re halfway there! It might not look like it now, but the locations of each Dreamcatcher form a picture on the map that we’ll get to later. For now, here are the final 10 locations:

  • Number 11 is directly South of Annesburg, just off the road. There should be a large rock to your left and you can head into the trees to find the next Dreamcatcher.

  • For this next Dreamcatcher, head South the Elysian Pool. Head past a large bush to an even larger tree to find this one.

  • Set a waypoint between where the road forks just above the “B” at Bluewater Marsh. There’s a tree in the middle of these two paths where you’ll find the next Dreamcatcher.

  • Head West from this point, just above Lonnie’s Shack on the map. Just off the path, you’ll find another dead tree with a Dreamcatcher hanging from it.

  • This next Dreamcatcher can be found West of the Aberdeen Pig Farm. This one is easy to find as it’s the only tree in a wide, open space and the Dreamcatcher is big enough to spot straight away.

  • For this one, set a waypoint marker on the inner right-hand side of the “O” in the New Hanover label on the map. Go up the hill, up past the rail track to find your next Dreamcatcher on a large tree.

  • Head over to the East of Guthrie Farm, South of Heartland Overflow to find this next one. You’ll need to go off the beaten track to find a somewhat isolated tree and your next Dreamcatcher.

  • Number 18 can be found near the “N” on The Heartlands label of the map. Again, there is a lonely barren tree with a Dreamcatcher to be found swinging from its branches.

  • Set a waypoint slightly Northeast of Citadel Rock to find the penultimate Dreamcatcher. Right off the pathway to the left is where you’ll find it.

  • For the final sign, set a waypoint beside the first “E” in New Hanover. It’s hanging from a tree to the left of the railroad tracks

Once you’ve interacted with the final Dreamcatcher, Arthur will pull out his notebook to reveal there is one final marker you haven’t discovered yet. You’ll see that the shape resembles a bull or buffalo somewhat.

The final marker is at the Elysian Pool. Set a waypoint for the Northern part of the Pool, and head behind the waterfall. We suggest bringing a lantern with you as the path is dark, but the minimap does guide you pretty well.

This location also makes up part of the Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Head through the cave until the path splits and take a right. You’ll see some light streaming in. Climb the rocks in front of you until you see an ancient cave painting on the walls to the right.

Walk up to the painting and interact with what looks like the eye of a bull to collect your reward, the Ancient Arrowhead treasure. Congratulations! You did it. Now, get back to collecting resources for your camp already.

If you still have the collect-a-thon itch, we’ve got guides on where to find all of the dinosaur bones and cigarette cards.

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