PUBG 4.2 update brings dynamic weather back to Erangel, lets you turn off car engines

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 21 August 2019 15:34 GMT

The second PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update in Season 4 has arrived.

As is standard, today’s PUBG update – version 4.2 – spent a week on the game’s test servers on PC, but it’s now available for all on the live build. 4.2 is a light one, focusing mostly on quality of life improvements and some miscellaneous fixes.

One major addition, however, is that the updated Erangel map now supports dynamic weather. The weather on the new/old map has a chance to switch from sunny to overcast. Things can turn even more dramatic with fog, rain, lightning and thunderstorms.

On the gameplay end, patch 4.2 added the ability for players to turn off car engines. This can be done even while driving, and the car will continue moving until all momentum dissipates. Car engines now also turn off automatically if the car is stationery for eight seconds or more, or two seconds after the driver disembarks.

Throwing grenades should now be more consistent, thanks to a tweak to friction force. Smoke grenades will roll more slowly and for shorter distances after impacting a surface. Frag and stun grenades, on the other hand, will carry more momentum when rolling for increased distance and faster rolling.

You’ll also notice some small, but welcome tweaks to the UI and HUD which should make it easier to see how damaged your gear is, and how full your backpack is.

As part of a larger update to sounds in PUBG, the patch brought a new Master Volume setting which controls all game sounds. With the push of a button, you can also now reduce all FX sounds temporarily without affecting voice chat. This is helpful in Red Zones or in cases where sounds make it hard to hear teammates.

Going forward, PUBG Corp. will implement larger tweaks to in-game audio, such as adding new sound effects for weapons, improving audible distances, adding new sounds for existing vehicles and more. The developer’s recently outlined what’s coming in a blog post.

Although today’s update is only available on PC, console players can expect it in the next two weeks. PUBG Corp. recently announced it’s shortening the patch wait time between PC and console. Separately, console players will be happy to know that cross-play is on its way soon.

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