Pokemon Go: PokeStops can now be removed if requests are made

By James O'Connor, Friday, 5 August 2016 01:01 GMT

More and more reports are popping up about PokeStops being removed after requests are made to Niantic.


This is something to be aware of if a local PokeStop disappears near you – although Pokemon Go has rightly attracted a lot of criticism for its various missteps, there’s a clear rationale behind the removal of some of these PokeStops.

Earlier this week, the suburb of Rhodes in New South Wales, Australia, had numerous PokeStops removed after numerous reports of Pokemon Go players flooding the area, blocking roads and keeping residents awake until tensions arose as people became hostile with one another.

Today, a post by the Provo City Library in Utah has made it clear that requests for the removal of PokeStops, where players can plant lures to attract Pokemon, are being met swiftly.

The library, which contained four Pokemon Stops, requested that they be removed “because of the unexpected costs and increased problems (they) experienced”.

It sounds as though the sheer scale of Pokemon Go’s success made it difficult for them to sustain the crowds they were attracting. “As we looked at options available to us, we tried to determine a course of action that preserved the fun and enthusiasm for the game while also helping us take care of our building and minimize the possibility of a dangerous situation.”

“We were notified of the many concerns from our patrons, the city and the players. We talked with numerous officials throughout Provo City; we talked with our staff; we talked to players in the community.”

Hopefully people will keep heading to the library, even without the allure of easy Pokemon.

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