Rocket League surpasses 5M units sold and 15M lifetime players

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 2 June 2016 10:49 GMT

Rocket League continues to explode, both in player numbers as well as generated revenue.

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Rocket League surpasses 5M units sold and 15M lifetime players

Rocket League has so far sold over 5 million units across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The sales update comes by way of a Forbes report, which also reveals that the game has so far earned over $110 million in revenue.

These numbers are separate from the many PlayStation 4 downloads during July last year, when the game was free as part of PlayStation Plus. Part of that $110 million figure is thanks to sales of over 5 million pieces of DLC bought by players.

Rocket League’s DLC pieces are all cosmetic, and usually cost a lot less than your typical add-ons. The game continues to get new gameplay content on a regular basis, though, and all of it is released for free.

Which is why Rocket League’s community is strong. According to the same report, the game has 15 million lifetime players, and a whopping 5 million active players across all platforms, as of April.

PlayStation 4 is still at the top when it comes to player numbers. Around 42 percent of the game’s base belongs on Sony’s platform.

Psyonix recently added cross-network multiplayer between PC and Xbox One to Rocket League.

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