Destiny class guide: Hunter

By Brenna Hillier
5 September 2014 09:51 GMT

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Destiny has something for everyone, and if your thing is agility, precision shots and massive critical damage, the Hunter is for you.


Destiny is carefully balanced so you can enjoy the game solo, but if you’re interested in co-op, strikes or raids you want to know as much as you can about what roles each class can play in a good fireteam.

The Hunter is Destiny’s most agile class. In classic fantasy archetypes, the Hunter is the rogue. In MMO parlance, it focuses on crits and spike damage.

Playing a Hunter means finding a good balance between survivability and manoeuvrability. The Hunter can’t take as much damage as a Titan, and has few options for regenerating health and shields – but it’s tougher than a Warlock, and much quicker on its feet than either of them. Whatever fragility the Hunter presents is easily offset by their speed, massively helped along by Double Jump. Moreover, many of the Hunter’s skills reward and assist with precision, allowing you to duck in and out of cover, pop off headshots, and never get in close enough to be at risk.

As a Hunter, you’re going to be a liability to your fireteam unless you can keep out of danger. Whether you choose to focus on sniping at a distance or high-risk, high-reward close range tactics, you’ll need skill and a cool head.

Hunter: Equipment

Hunters are a showy bunch, with their flowing capes and dramatic hoods. The Hunter’s cloak is their class armour, and while these amount to little more than a headwrap in the beginning, you can always spot a Hunter by this excess of cloth.

Once you’re a few levels in, you’ll start to unlock truly beautiful capes, decorated with bright colours and esoteric designs. Hunters may not be as elegant as Warlocks, but as they flip about the battlefield waving their colours behind them, they’re impossible to ignore.

Hunter: Double Jump

The Hunter’s mobility ability is called Double Jump, and of the three classes its movement is closer to the classic move you’re thinking of. A quick tap of the jump key and our friend gains traction on the air itself, propelling diagonally upwards at high speed and granting the player a great deal of directional control.

Double Jump is easily the best of the three comparable moves for making your way around the environment in search of treasure, and for evading enemy fire with style.

The Double Jump upgrade tree is identical in both Hunter subclasses:

    Double Jump
    Jump a second time after leaving the ground.
  • Better Control – Upgrades Double Jump for better directional control while in the air.
  • Triple Jump – Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.
  • Higher Jump – Upgrades Double Jump for even greater height.

Hunter: stat boost upgrade trees

Players can choose just one perk from each of the two stat boost upgrade trees. Although it’s tempting to treat the third perk in each tree as the most powerful, which you should choose depends on your subclass, play style, equipment and build. The two stat boost perks may not seem dramatic, but you can use them to plug a hole in your build, or combine them with other choice to min-max a gameplay loop.

Hunters can choose to try and pump up their survivability, making those high-reward close-range attacks less risky, or double down on damage output. How good are you at getting in and getting out again?

    Class Modifiers
  • Path Forgotten – Training focused on toughness and speed.
  • Path Forbidden – Training focused on battle recovery and speed.
  • Path Unknown – Training focused on battle recovery and toughness.
    Ability Modifiers
  • Way of the Drifter – Training focused on all attributes.
  • Way of the Fearless – Training focused on toughness at all costs.
  • Way of the Nomad – Training focused on maximum battle recovery.

Next: the Hunter’s Gunslinger subclass.

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