Watch a SWAT team swoop on a pro Counter-Strike player

By Matt Martin, Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:24 GMT

You think you’re badass with your video game skills and then the real professionals kick down your door and give you a reality check.

Pro Counter-Strike player Kootra, a member of TheCreatures, looks to have been “swatted” mid way through a game. Watch the video below.

Kootra figures he’s being swatted before the cops bust through his door, lay him on the floor and cuff him. It’s all perfectly framed.

One officer threatens “don’t you fucking move, you hear me boy?”

Pranks sure have come along way since my day when we used to leave a dog egg on someone’s doorstep, place a piece of burning newspaper over it, ring the doorbell and wait for the house owner to stamp it out.

Thanks, Gameranx.

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