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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sets new concurrent record on Steam

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has broken its Steam concurrent player record for the second time in as many months.

Over the weekend, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - an eight-year old game - set a new concurrent player record on Steam.

According to Steam Charts, 924,045 players jumped in all at the same time. That figure has risen slightly since then to 925,990 players.

Just last month, CS:GO attracted over 876,575 concurrent players, which was a new record for the game at that point. Before that, the most recent record was set in April 2016. CS:GO is, of course, a popular free-to-play game, so ranking high on Steam's lists isn't particularly a new development.

But it's nonetheless impressive that the game continues to reach new heights this many years after release. It's not clear what caused this sudden rise in popularity, but it likely has something to do with coronavirus. The outbreak has forced many, especially in China, to stay home, which inevitably means more time for video games.

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