RuneScape security tightened, ‘Account Guardian’ system implemented

By Dave Cook, Wednesday, 12 September 2012 09:24 GMT

RuneScape developer Jagex has taken new steps to ensure player security while enjoying the MMO. The studio has implemented a new Jagex Account Guardian system, or JAG, if you haven’t got time to say the full thing.

JAG lets players add trusted devices to their Jagex account, meaning anyone trying to access your account from an unknown device must pass additional security measures. It’s a smart move, as Guild Wars 2’s recent security issues show what can happen unless proper action is taken.

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said of the new measures, “Ensuring the integrity and security of our valued community’s information has always been a top priority for us, this recent update serves to strengthen the number of other innovative countermeasures we have developed over the past years.”

“Unfortunately a lot of people tend to use the same username and password on other websites,” Gerhard cautioned, “many of these are not well managed from a security standpoint and end up becoming compromised, others are simply phishing websites intended to steal player credentials, sadly the industry also has a very long list of high profile games publishers that have been hacked resulting sensitive customer account information being in the public domain.”

Thanks Gi.Biz.

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