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16-Bit Arena, the retro-style turn-based RPG, is now free to eligible players

Independent games developer Josh “Psycrow” Cronkhite has announced his PC retro-style turn-based RPG 16-Bit Arena is available as a free game to eligible players.

In it, players will participate in up to 9v9 multiplayer battles as a Warrior, Mage, Rogue or Healer, and transform into any of the 16 available characters by "combining stats and abilities with the classes."

Each character has elemental properties, and players can collect gems and cast magic as they journey through eight trials to gain cards and gems to use in the arena.

The game also contains a two-player tactical RPG-style mini-game, which also allows players to earn additional cards and gems.

Currently a project on Steam Greenlight, 16-Bit Arena offers updated content on a weekly basis, has its own web-comic with the eight Paladins from the game, and soon-to-be-released additions such as the ability to create personalized, unique characters.

In a limited-time promotion going on now, players are provided with "a special - periodically changing -download link to a DRM-free version of the game," a link which paid and registered players are allowed to share with their friends in order to add new players to the community.

Hit up the links and the video of it below.

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